spooky houseRusty here,

 Trick-or-Treating was so much fun! I got so much candy; I filled up a whole garbage bag full. I visited so many houses, but there was this one that just gave me the creeps. I was walking with my friend Copper and we stumbled upon this gate. The gate looked like it had been there for centuries. There were cobwebs, webbed in between the bars of the gate. On each side of the gate were gargoyles. It looked as if it were out of a movie. I grabbed the gate and it seemed to be open. I looked at Copper and we decided to walk in. We walked up this old brick pathway. Almost every brick had a crack in it, finally we reached the house. The house was grey, and had a very mysterious look.  The shingles were all broken up, and look like they were about to fall off. I looked at one of the windows and there were these torn pieces of cloth that must have been curtains at one point. Me and Copper look at each other like this was a bad idea. We had gone too far to turn back now. I was going to knock on that door. I swallowed my fear and made my way up to the door. I took the big door knocker and banged it a few times. No one answered… I waited and I began to hear these giant footsteps. Boom…Boom….Boom…! I began to wonder what was on the other side of this door. The door began to creek open I closed my eyes, thinking it was going to be this huge monster. Then I heard the nicest voice I have ever heard. I looked down and here was this little old lady, standing there with her bowl of candy. We started to visit, and she tells me that we were the first trick or treaters she has seen in fifty years. She told us that she had been living there by herself ever since her husband died. She says she never gets out much and that she gets lonely sometimes. I told her me and Copper would come back to visit her. Copper and I learned a very valuable lesson; you can’t always judge a book by its cover. No matter how scary it may look! Ps- Some people even think I’m scary, but don’t let that stop you from visiting me!

Until next time,


Dragons Love Halloween

halloween pumpkin  Rusty here, oh boy have I been busy lately. Halloween is coming around the corner and I don’t even have a costume yet. Maybe I’ll be myself, after all dragons can be a little scary. Today me and my family flew to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins. I went out on a hunt to find the biggest one. I searched and searched, but none of them were big enough. Then in the middle of all the pumpkins, there it was – the pumpkin of my dreams. It had to of been 4 feet across. The sun was shining right on it like it was a gift from above. . It looked like it was going to pop. I picked it up with my feet. Every time I tried to fly it felt as if I was carrying two of me. I hardly could get ten feet off the ground. Finally I made it home, I was exhausted. Who knew a pumpkin could weigh so much.  I plopped the pumpkin on the ground and began to think what I wanted my pumpkin to look like. Us dragons have a special way of carving our pumpkins, we use our fire. It cuts through like butter,  the more “ artsy”  dragons like to use their claws to really go into detail. I just carved mine into a smiley face. It was the best looking pumpkin I had ever seen, it kind of reminds me of myself. Some might say I have dashing good looks. It’s hard not to look this good when it runs in the family. Other dragons get very jealous of our scales, they say they have such lust. Well it’s getting late now and I got to finish up my chores. So until next time,


Fishing Opener

RustSmall_fish[1]y here! Boy was fishing opener  a blast. At first it was kind of boring and I kept catching these little perch. Those fish are for boys, I needed me a REAL fish. So I stayed out there all day and then my bobber sank. Things started to get real,  I was reeling the line but the fish kept pulling and pulling. That’s when I knew I had a “Bertha”  on the line. It must be huge I thought. I kept reeling, it seemed like an endless battle. Just when I saw the wall of fish scales skim across the top of the water, I knew she was a beauty. Not too long after the water was swirling, “I almost got her”, I screamed to myself. Finally I tugged the line so hard, she went flying out of the lake. To my surprise, the fish I had worked so hard on was probably only 3 inches long, I felt so embarrassed . It looked like I was reeling in a whale. Well I hope to see you all out on the lake. That’s all I got for now.

Until next time,


“Dragon” the Snowmobile

Rusty here, boy do I have a story t0 tell you. My friends came over the other weekend. So we decided that it was such a nice day out that we just had to go snowmobiling. Since I’m a dragon I really don’t fit on a snowmobile;  so I just fly above them. They’re always saying how thankful they are to have me; because they never need a map. With my bird’s eye view I will never get lost. So we were headed on our way to go get something to eat and all of a sudden one of my friends stops. Not kn0wing what had happened I flew on over to take a look. Larry seemed to have run out of gas. We were probably about twenty miles from any gas station. We talked and brainstormed some ideas on how to get the snowmobile to a gas station. Then it hit me, why don’t I just pull it. My other friend had a rope in the back of his sled and we tied right onto my tail. I started to take off and it was working. The sn0wmobile was actually moving. So I kept flying and we finally hit a gas station. Man was I excited to be there, I was exhausted. Not saying my friend is a little over weight, but pulling a snowmobile twenty miles really takes a toll on a dragon. Once we got all the sleds up and running again. We headed on our way home before it was too dark. I really did enjoy spending time with my friends even though I had to provide most of the power for them.

Until next time,


Rusty’s Big Fishing Trip

Hello, Rusty here. Just checking back in to tell you about my adventure out on the lake. The other day my  sister (Silver)  flew in to pay me a visit. We visited for a while and decided to go down to the Ann Lake ice fishing contest. Boy was it cold that day, but Silver and I had our flames a blowin’ and headed on down there. When we arrived it looked as if we had a lot of competition. We bought our ice fishing holes and went and sat down. The holes were so tiny and we weren’t catching anything. Then the idea hit me, lets melt a big whole and go diving. After all that’s how my family did back in Europe. We racked up so many fish it was unbelievable. Half of the fish didn’t even make it to the weigh in. Just when I thought I had the biggest fish, some kid named Nick came running in with a 13 ounce perch. I tried t0 catch a bigger one, but I just couldn’t find one. The time was drawing near, and Nick was still in the lead for first place. Before I knew it the contest was over and I had gotten second place. After that we flew back to my house and visited a little longer. Time was flying by and Silver had to be headed on her way home. So we said goodbye and she took off for Norway. So here I am now writing about my fishing trip with Silver, maybe I’ll see you out on the ice.

Until next time,



Happy 2013!

Rustys family home

Hello, Rusty here.

 I haven’t done much talking lately, so i thought I’d update you. I am a frost dragon; we tend to live in colder places. Thank heavens since I live in Minnesota and it was 20 below zero when I woke up today. Your probably wondering how I got to Minnesota, so I’m going to tell you the story. One day I was really eager to see other parts of the world other than Norway, and Sweden. So one day I packed my things and said fair well to my family and I started flying. It took me months to get to Ogilvie but when I got here, I loved it. I loved it so much that I just couldn’t leave. So that’s how I became to live on the property of two Scandinavians in Ogilvie, Minnesota. But I do miss my family; they live on the top of a mountain in a big scary cave, somewhere in Scandinavia. This is a good thing considering us frost dragons have a very unique diet and we prefer Norwegians. But don’t worry I don’t eat them, so don’t be scared to come and visit me I tend to get lonely sometimes, and really enjoy visitors.

Until next time,



Joshua’s Dragon

Joshua Volk (age 11) loves dragons as well as Roman & Greek mythology.

This is his drawing of Hercules fighting a dragon while Atlas holds up the sky. 

Jason Davis “On the Road”


“In over 30 years of doing “On the Road”, we’ve never seen anything like a fire breathing dragon”

                                                                      Jason Davis


The weather was lousy, pouring rain and windy, but Jason Davis and his cameraman gave it their best and taped a short “On the Road” segment about Rusty the dragon. 

To watch Jason’s interview click here




Metallic Dragons

Watch our blog for legends about dragons.  We’ll let you know about how people viewed these mythical beasts throughout time and around the world.

We’ll start with Metallic Dragons because Rusty is a Metallic Dragon.


Metallic Dragons*

Metallic dragons in modern fantasy are good, unlike chromatic dragons

All dragons have the choice whether to be good or evil.  But there are some general tendencies based on type.  Unlike chromatic dragons which are usually evil, metallic dragons are usually good.  There are five kinds of metallic dragons: brass, bronze, copper, gold, silver.



These are the most gregarious of all dragons and are famous for their love of conversation.  They crave sunlight and dry heat so they frequent hot, arid regions, particularly sandy deserts.  They like to make their lairs in high rocky caves.

Brass dragons have dull, mottled brown scales at birth.  As time goes on the scales become more brassy until they reach a warm burnished appearance.  Brass dragons have supple, expressive lips.  These are very useful, as they like to do lots of talking.  They can breathe fire.



Having a strong sense of justice, bronze dragons do not tolerate cruelty or anarchy in any form.  They are also inquisitive and find humanoids fascinating.  They live near deep water especially in tropical coastal areas and islands.  They wage a constant struggle against evil sea creatures and often live in caves or near underground streams or lakes.

Bronze dragons have a beaklike snout and a pointed tongue.  Their feet are webbed and they have webbing behind their forelimbs.  Their scales are smooth and flat.




These have a well-deserved reputation as incorrigible pranksters, joke-tellers and riddlers.  They live in dry, rocky uplands and mountains and in narrow caves.

Copper dragons have massive thighs and shoulders as they are excellent jumpers and climbers.  Like other metallic dragons, its’ scales are dull at birth and become shinier with aging.  They love sharing jokes and will eat almost anything.




Gold dragons are champions against evil and foul play.  They often embark on self-appointed quests to promote good.  They make their lairs in secluded areas such as deep gorges or high plateaus.

Gold dragons have large, twin horns that are smooth and metallic and has whiskers around its’ mouth like a catfish.  It smells of saffron and incense.




These dragons enjoy helping the meek and lowly.  They often concern themselves with protecting the innocent and healing their injuries.  They love high mountains and vast open skies with billowing clouds.  They enjoy flying and sometimes soar for hours just for the pleasure of it.

A silver dragon has a beaklike nose, a strong chin and a pointed tongue.  They are nonviolent and avoid combat whenever possible.  They are the most sensitive of all dragons.


*Excerpts from