Happy 2013!

Rustys family home

Hello, Rusty here.

 I haven’t done much talking lately, so i thought I’d update you. I am a frost dragon; we tend to live in colder places. Thank heavens since I live in Minnesota and it was 20 below zero when I woke up today. Your probably wondering how I got to Minnesota, so I’m going to tell you the story. One day I was really eager to see other parts of the world other than Norway, and Sweden. So one day I packed my things and said fair well to my family and I started flying. It took me months to get to Ogilvie but when I got here, I loved it. I loved it so much that I just couldn’t leave. So that’s how I became to live on the property of two Scandinavians in Ogilvie, Minnesota. But I do miss my family; they live on the top of a mountain in a big scary cave, somewhere in Scandinavia. This is a good thing considering us frost dragons have a very unique diet and we prefer Norwegians. But don’t worry I don’t eat them, so don’t be scared to come and visit me I tend to get lonely sometimes, and really enjoy visitors.

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