“Dragon” the Snowmobile


Rusty here, boy do I have a story t0 tell you. My friends came over the other weekend. So we decided that it was such a nice day out that we just had to go snowmobiling. Since I’m a dragon I really don’t fit on a snowmobile;  so I just fly above them. They’re always saying how thankful they are to have me; because they never need a map. With my bird’s eye view I will never get lost. So we were headed on our way to go get something to eat and all of a sudden one of my friends stops. Not kn0wing what had happened I flew on over to take a look. Larry seemed to have run out of gas. We were probably about twenty miles from any gas station. We talked and brainstormed some ideas on how to get the snowmobile to a gas station. Then it hit me, why don’t I just pull it. My other friend had a rope in the back of his sled and we tied right onto my tail. I started to take off and it was working. The sn0wmobile was actually moving. So I kept flying and we finally hit a gas station. Man was I excited to be there, I was exhausted. Not saying my friend is a little over weight, but pulling a snowmobile twenty miles really takes a toll on a dragon. Once we got all the sleds up and running again. We headed on our way home before it was too dark. I really did enjoy spending time with my friends even though I had to provide most of the power for them.

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