Rusty’s Big Fishing Trip

Hello, Rusty here. Just checking back in to tell you about my adventure out on the lake. The other day my  sister (Silver)  flew in to pay me a visit. We visited for a while and decided to go down to the Ann Lake ice fishing contest. Boy was it cold that day, but Silver and I had our flames a blowin’ and headed on down there. When we arrived it looked as if we had a lot of competition. We bought our ice fishing holes and went and sat down. The holes were so tiny and we weren’t catching anything. Then the idea hit me, lets melt a big whole and go diving. After all that’s how my family did back in Europe. We racked up so many fish it was unbelievable. Half of the fish didn’t even make it to the weigh in. Just when I thought I had the biggest fish, some kid named Nick came running in with a 13 ounce perch. I tried t0 catch a bigger one, but I just couldn’t find one. The time was drawing near, and Nick was still in the lead for first place. Before I knew it the contest was over and I had gotten second place. After that we flew back to my house and visited a little longer. Time was flying by and Silver had to be headed on her way home. So we said goodbye and she took off for Norway. So here I am now writing about my fishing trip with Silver, maybe I’ll see you out on the ice.

Until next time,



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