Dragons Love Halloween

halloween pumpkin  Rusty here, oh boy have I been busy lately. Halloween is coming around the corner and I don’t even have a costume yet. Maybe I’ll be myself, after all dragons can be a little scary. Today me and my family flew to the pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins. I went out on a hunt to find the biggest one. I searched and searched, but none of them were big enough. Then in the middle of all the pumpkins, there it was – the pumpkin of my dreams. It had to of been 4 feet across. The sun was shining right on it like it was a gift from above. . It looked like it was going to pop. I picked it up with my feet. Every time I tried to fly it felt as if I was carrying two of me. I hardly could get ten feet off the ground. Finally I made it home, I was exhausted. Who knew a pumpkin could weigh so much.  I plopped the pumpkin on the ground and began to think what I wanted my pumpkin to look like. Us dragons have a special way of carving our pumpkins, we use our fire. It cuts through like butter,  the more “ artsy”  dragons like to use their claws to really go into detail. I just carved mine into a smiley face. It was the best looking pumpkin I had ever seen, it kind of reminds me of myself. Some might say I have dashing good looks. It’s hard not to look this good when it runs in the family. Other dragons get very jealous of our scales, they say they have such lust. Well it’s getting late now and I got to finish up my chores. So until next time,


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