spooky houseRusty here,

 Trick-or-Treating was so much fun! I got so much candy; I filled up a whole garbage bag full. I visited so many houses, but there was this one that just gave me the creeps. I was walking with my friend Copper and we stumbled upon this gate. The gate looked like it had been there for centuries. There were cobwebs, webbed in between the bars of the gate. On each side of the gate were gargoyles. It looked as if it were out of a movie. I grabbed the gate and it seemed to be open. I looked at Copper and we decided to walk in. We walked up this old brick pathway. Almost every brick had a crack in it, finally we reached the house. The house was grey, and had a very mysterious look.  The shingles were all broken up, and look like they were about to fall off. I looked at one of the windows and there were these torn pieces of cloth that must have been curtains at one point. Me and Copper look at each other like this was a bad idea. We had gone too far to turn back now. I was going to knock on that door. I swallowed my fear and made my way up to the door. I took the big door knocker and banged it a few times. No one answered… I waited and I began to hear these giant footsteps. Boom…Boom….Boom…! I began to wonder what was on the other side of this door. The door began to creek open I closed my eyes, thinking it was going to be this huge monster. Then I heard the nicest voice I have ever heard. I looked down and here was this little old lady, standing there with her bowl of candy. We started to visit, and she tells me that we were the first trick or treaters she has seen in fifty years. She told us that she had been living there by herself ever since her husband died. She says she never gets out much and that she gets lonely sometimes. I told her me and Copper would come back to visit her. Copper and I learned a very valuable lesson; you can’t always judge a book by its cover. No matter how scary it may look! Ps- Some people even think I’m scary, but don’t let that stop you from visiting me!

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