Rusty Is In Highschool!

Depositphotos_18212529_xsRusty here,

This year I’m in the high school and boy is it scary. I started a few weeks ago and I still don’t have the hang of it. Everyday my locker jams, I’m just having a really rough time. Silver and Copper seem to be doing fine; I must just not be a high school type of dragon. I like all my classes though I have English, Algebra, Physical Science, Gym class, Band, and Dragon-ology. The class I like the most is Dragon-ology, because I get to learn about my ancestors, did you know that some dragons have 4 toes and some have 5. I thought that was crazy all of the dragons I know have 5! Anyways this week is homecoming and we all get to dress up. Monday is tie die day, Tuesday is hat day, Wednesday is pajama day, Thursday is camo day and Friday is team spirt day. I have all my outfits picked out for the week I think I will have the best outfits all week, well I hope so anyways. On Friday it’s the football game and after that it’s the dance. I’m thinking about asking this girl in my grade to the dance but I don’t know yet. But I better catch you later before I miss the school bus.

Until next time Rusty

Silver’s birthday!


dragon birthday 9-20-14Rusty here, I don’t know what to do, Silvers birthday is tomorrow and I have no idea what to get her. Copper got her a skate board, but because she was a girl she didn’t really like it. We have all been friends since we were baby dragons and I still don’t know what she likes! My owner Linda said to get her some Barbie dolls but I know she doesn’t play with them anymore. As nights went by and her birthday got closer I was even more worried that I wouldn’t have anything to give to her. The day before her birthday I got up and I flew all over the mall looking for something just right to give her. Then I saw it: a robe with many jewels and diamonds all over it I knew it was perfect and it would be the best present ever. The next day on her birthday I gave it to her and she loved it the robe was so cool and everyone wanted one just like it. Now I know that when it’s your friend’s special day to make it special for them because in the end they will do the same for you.

Until next time Rusty

Lightning, Thunder, and….HAIL!

hail blogRusty Here, we had quite the storm last night. I was at a movie with my pals, Silver and Copper . When we got out of the movie, all we saw was lighting. It looked like a strobe light in the sky. Now as dragons it is dangerous to fly in storms, no one wants to get shocked by lightning. We took the chance anyway, and made it about halfway home and we felt some stuff hit us in the head. Silver asks, “What was that?”, “Its hail I replied”. I don’t think we flew so fast in our lives. It felt like I was getting hit in the head with golf balls, and let me tell you….IT HURT’S. As we got into town I see the bank, we dove underneath the drive-thru and waited the storm out there. It must have been at least a half hour until the hail stopped. We left the bank, and all I could think about was how mad my owner Linda was going to be. Ten minutes later we swooped in at home and here is Linda at the front door, eyes wide open. I was expecting, “where have you been its 2 in the morning?”, but no she told me to hurry inside and that she was glad I was safe. The morale of the story, expect the worst, and hope for the best. Nothing is ever as bad as it seems.

Until next time, Rusty

Warm Weather!

Rusty Here, wow is it getting nice out, I sure do love this weather. With warm weather brings more visitors. There have been a lot of people coming to see me, and I am making tons of new friends. My owner also got me a new guest book, and bookmarks to give out to my friends. If you haven’t stopped out to see me, come on out. Sign my guestbook and take a picture, I’m not camera shy 😉 PS: be sure to catch a picture of my flame

Until Next Time,


144 Dragon Color Print

Mud, Mud, And More Mud!

Rusty here, with all this nice weather we’ve been having, it’s made quite a mess. There’s mud everywhere. When you think of dragons, you don’t typically think of mud, but I love to go mudding. Most people need cars or four wheelers, not dragons. We just use ourselves, first we fly up, then we dive to the ground and do kind of like a tuck and roll thing, before you know it your sliding, and rolling all over in the mud. When you hit the mud it feels like I turn into a mud monster. The cool, wet, and stinky mud sticks to my scales, and you can’t even recognize me. Sometimes I like to sneak up on my owners and scare the bejeebers out of them. They don’t like me in the mud and try to keep me out of it, they say it makes too much of a mess, but a little mud never hurt anyone. Well if you are looking for something to do on such a nice day like today. Come stop out and visit me, after all I am a sight for sore eyes. Until next time, Rustymud dragon for article

April Showers Bring Flowers And My FLAME Back!

Rusty here, spring is finally here, I just hope it stays. All this snow we have been getting is just horrendous. The other week I finally heard birds chirping, and I can actually see GRASS on the ground. Oh how have I missed that wonderful green stuff. Spring is my favorite time of year because that’s when I get my flame back. I haven’t been able to breathe fire all winter because of the cold weather. Once it gets warm enough, and I get my flame back you will have to come by and see me. I have the best flames in town, not to brag or anything. I sure would love some company. Hope to see you soon. Until next time, Rusty145 Dragon pink print

Helping a Damsel In Distress Is Just All In a Day’s Work!

Snow_Car_StuckRusty here, well today is President’s day, too bad it’s not sunny and warm out. Instead it is really windy and the snow just doesn’t stop coming. Since it’s so bad out I decided to take a lazy day and stay home. I was going about my own business and this car came up the driveway. To visit ME of course and she stopped right in front of me. Then she put it into reverse and it just wouldn’t budge. I then knew she had to have been stuck. So then she kept trying to go back and forth, trying to wiggle it out, it just wasn’t working, Snow was flying everywhere and I couldn’t see a thing, Then finally I felt so bad for the poor girl that I hooked my tail up to the bumper and flew her out of there. When we landed she couldn’t thank me enough. I just told her it’s all in a day’s work. I just love being friendly and helping people out. Well until next time, Rusty!

Happy 2014!

2014 1Rusty here, Just dropping in to wish everyone a healthy and prosperous 2014. As I look back at all the fond memories from last year, I hope this year will be just as exciting. If you haven’t gotten the chance to see me yet, please do. Although my flames are shut off due to a sore throat, I’m still the same old Rusty. Don’t be afraid to come up the driveway either, my owners don’t mind and I promise not to bite. I’m also very photogenic with all my lights on, and would love to take a picture with you. Until next time, Rusty

One Cold Winter!

frozen dragonRusty here, just got back in from outside, man is it chilly. Around this time of year many peoples pipes freeze in their houses. Dragons kind of have the same problem, except our “fire pipes” freeze. We haven’t really figured out how to fix this problem besides going somewhere warmer. Those lucky humans have plumbers to unthaw their pipes.  I wish we had a dragon plumber. Since I am an arctic dragon this never usually happens, but I wasn’t ready for such a cold winter. Not being able to blow flames took my “dragonhood” away from me. If you stop by I sadly can’t blow flames, but you can look at how awesome my lights look under the snow! Until next time, Rusty!

Thanksgiving Traditions

thanksRusty here,

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve started preparing myself for thanksgiving. I can’t wait; I would have to say the best part is all the food. For thanksgiving all the dragons have a special tradition. We go to an island in the middle of nowhere. Not a single person knows where this island is except dragons, it has been our secret for ages. My whole family goes every year. On this island there are big turkeys, and I’m talking BIG! These turkeys could only feed a dragons appetite. Once we get a turkey, Mom spices the turkey up with some arsenic to give it that extra little pizazz! Once she’s got the Turkey all spiced up, we roast it with our flames. Mom also makes lots of other side dishes like sardine casserole, and ghost chili pepper soup. After the meal is over we have fire spitting contests. Last year uncle Stormbreath beat me by 2 feet, I was so angry I could have bit his tail off. I can’t wait for this year’s contest; I’m going to smoke him!

Until next time,