Fishing Opener

RustSmall_fish[1]y here! Boy was fishing opener  a blast. At first it was kind of boring and I kept catching these little perch. Those fish are for boys, I needed me a REAL fish. So I stayed out there all day and then my bobber sank. Things started to get real,  I was reeling the line but the fish kept pulling and pulling. That’s when I knew I had a “Bertha”  on the line. It must be huge I thought. I kept reeling, it seemed like an endless battle. Just when I saw the wall of fish scales skim across the top of the water, I knew she was a beauty. Not too long after the water was swirling, “I almost got her”, I screamed to myself. Finally I tugged the line so hard, she went flying out of the lake. To my surprise, the fish I had worked so hard on was probably only 3 inches long, I felt so embarrassed . It looked like I was reeling in a whale. Well I hope to see you all out on the lake. That’s all I got for now.

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