Rusty the dragon of minnesota breathing fire

Greetings! My name is Rusty.

I am a fearsome Dragon! People who stop by to see me wonder how I ever ended up in a yard between Mora and Ogilvie Minnesota. This is my story.

My creator, Elmer Laitala is a 70 year old retired machinist. In the summer, he mows seven acres of lawn, has a big garden and cans and freezes the fruits of his labor.

When winter approaches his life slows down…a lot. After two months of observing Elmer spending all day sitting in his recliner reading a book, his wife, Linda, decided he needed a project. One day in mid-November Linda came up with what she thought was a brilliant idea: “Build me a dragon.

That’s Elmer!

He dismissed the idea saying, “‘Oh sure, a dragon. Nobody builds dragons.’ But Linda was persistent. At Christmas the Laitala’s daughter casually asked what dad was doing to keep himself occupied. Elmer replied, “Well, Linda wants me to build her a dragon, but whoever heard of building a dragon?” Stephanie’s fiancé responded enthusiastically, “That’s a great idea! Let’s Google it!

So I grew from an idea to become the splendid Dragon I am today.

I am a Frost dragon draco occidentalis maritimus. “ Dragonology” describes me like this:

“Annual Arctic-to-Antarctic migrators, frost dragons fly thousands of miles each year to ensure that they spend the greater part of the year in their favored dark, winter climates, hunting for food.

  • LAIR OR NEST – a sea-facing cave hollowed out from a glacier or iceberg.
  • FORMS OF ATTACK – Fearsome … blast, tail, claws, horns.
  • FOOD – Giant squid, polar bear, orca, walrus, leopard seal, Norwegians but not Finlanders (they taste too bitter)*”

Please stop by for a visit! But beware; I’ve acquired quite an appetite for Norwegians!

*Because Central Minnesota doesn’’t have any polar bear, giant squid or walrus we have to eat what we can find; luckily Norwegians are plentiful in the region.


If you are interested in having your very own fire-breathing dragon contact us .

Prices start at $75,000

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