Rusty’s Trick or Treating Adventures

Rusty Here,

Halloween is over, and now I am excited for thanksgiving! Halloween night I was flying around getting ready to go out with some friends. I flew from store to store getting the last couple things I needed for my costume.

It was a cold night and Silver and Copper were breathing out fire as we flew. I suppose I was too! We flew from house to house getting our buckets full of candy. I’d say throughout the night we ate more candy then we should have. Copper was feeling a little ill by the end of the night. Next year we agreed that we wouldn’t eat so much candy so fast.

Silver dressed up as Elsa. Elsa is her favorite Disney Princess. When the movie frozen first came out, Silver watched it every night before she went to bed. Copper dressed up as the joker. His favorite movie is Suicide Squad. I dressed up as Dead Shot. My favorite character in the movie Suicide Squad is Dead Shot.

Trick or Treating with my friends was the best! I haven’t had this much friend flying around in a long time!

Until Next Time,


Rusty’s Haunted House

Rusty Here,

          Are you ready for trick or treating? Halloween is just around the corner. This weekend I had fun with a group of my friends. We love going to haunted houses and haunted trails. We went to a place called, “The Dead-End Hayride”. This is something we have been doing for the past three years.

          Normally after going to the Dead-End Hayride we go to McDonalds. This year we went and ate first because it was raining, and the Hayride didn’t open until the rain stopped. We waited in line to get on the hayride for about two hours. One of the best parts about going is standing in line waiting. You get scared by a couple different actors that are dressed up, but you also get to take pictures with them. My favorite actor is there every year I call him the chainsaw man.

          We finally got in the hayride and we were on our way. The actors could touch us and get in our faces. They were jumping on the hayride and scaring us. The hayride part was about ten minutes long. You get off at the first haunted house. There’s about five haunted houses, three scary trails, a clown house, an underground skull trail, and a chainsaw maze.

          I’m not a fan of chainsaws. These chainsaws don’t have blades on them, but they still touch you and it’s a weird feeling. When I was coming out of the clown house there was a chainsaw man that scared me. I screamed as loud as a dragon can scream. He knew I was scared so he started chasing me into the chainsaw maze. He chased me around the maze. I got split up from my friends. I was frightened!  The guy who was chasing me finally lead me out of the maze.  Thank you, great Dragon!!

Before we left we took some group pictures. It was a very fun night!

Until Next time, Rusty

Rusty’s Coronation



Rusty Here,

Oh boy, this last week has been busy!  It’s homecoming time at our school.  We’ve been setting up for coronation and painting the props for it.


We also ordered our Ironman and Powder Puff t-shirts. Juniors will be facing the Seniors this Wednesday. It’s going to be a fun night for all of us.


Planning for homecoming was a little stressful. I got to help pick the dress up days.  Tuesday is Hawaiian Day, Wednesday is Hippie Day, and Thursday is American Day (Wear the red, white & blue colors!)  Last week was busy and it will be even busier this week.


We got Dig Pink night for volleyball to raise awareness for breast cancer. We also have a swim meet and the big football game on Friday.  The homecoming dance will follow. Congrats to our King and Queen!

Maybe one day I’ll be elected homecoming king!



Until Next Time,



Rusty’s Junior Year

Rusty here,

I have officially completed my first week as a Junior in high school. It feels like I never even left. I did so many amazing things and made a couple new friends.

 The first day was a little crazy. We have six foreign exchange students this year. It’s very interesting talking to them and getting to know more about them. They all have really cool accents.

 This week I went on many adventures. On Friday night, my friends and I went to cheer on the boys at football team. They can off the field with smiles on their face with a big win. Saturday was also a fun day. My friends and I went to the movie called, IT. It was so packed in the theater we had to sit in the front row. The movie was very good, I thought it was more funny than scary. After the movie, we went to Mc Donald’s and we talked and a couple of us played in the play place. I’d say the first week of my Junior year has been more than amazing. I’m glad that I have such good friends to make new memories with all the time.

Until Next Time,




Rusty’s Visitors

Rusty here,

I am excited to introduce to you some of the people who have come to visit me lately.

Katie and Amber Cole, Warroad, Minnesota

“Very Awesome! Worth the six hour drive!”

Silly Dilly, Andover, Minnesota

“Awesome Dragon Thanks!”

_heather_, Lindstrom, Minnesota

“So cool! Thanks so much for sharing!” 😊

Demarie Evie, Sauk Centre, Minnesota

“Cool! Love it!”

Eric, Kara, Jack, Elaina, Alex, Kimball, Minnesota

“The kids enjoyed seeing Rusty again!”

Ozzie Leroy, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota

“Coolest cache EVER!”

6lilminions, Babbitt, Minnesota

“Awesome! Headed to Mount Rushmore.”

Lostcheq, Washburn, Washington

“One of the Best! Headed West on Amtrak.”

Looking4gems, Cresco, Iowa


Alan and Beth, Fargo, North Dakota

“Very cool Dragon!”

Kato Frantz, Chicago

“Kato is skeptical regarding authentic. He may be convinced.”

Kim and James Heier, Ridgecrest, California.

“Love Rusty!!”

It was very nice to meet all of you.

Until nest time,


Rusty’s camping trip

Rusty Here,

As we walk through the woods on the nature trail we hear birds chirping. Every step I take there is the sound of leaves ruffling and sticks breaking underneath my feet. The wind is blowing just enough to see the leaves slowly falling off the trees. When you listen closely you will hear many different animals sounds. That night when we returned to the campground Copper and Silver wanted to have a campfire. Copper got the wood and Silver got the matches. I was happy to hear that they wanted a campfire because I packed s’mores. As we sat around the fire we told many stories and jokes. As the night went on it got darker and you could hear the wolves out howling. It was a full moon tonight. I had one of the best nights with my two great friends Copper and Silver.

Until next time,


Rusty’s Last Day of School

Rusty Here,

My favorite season of the year is summer. The last day of school I watched as the time ticked by. I felt like the last day of school was way longer than my other regular school days. As I heard the final bell ring to be released I knew that it was now time for the water balloon fight.

We all raced outside with smiles on our faces to see the bright sun shining down on us. I watched as the water balloons were already being released from hands and splashing on one person and then another. I joined in and just loved the feeling of friends smiling and having fun.

The fun wasn’t over yet as we all jumped in the vehicles and went to the bowling alley. We bowled for hours with endless laughs and jokes. I would say my summer started out very well.

Until next time,



Rusty’s Advice

Rusty here,

Friendships are hard they are like a test for school.  Hard to keep a good grade, that’s how friends are.

Same thing with coaches, you even though you’re really good at the sport, you might not get played.

That’s how life is, you get played or you don’t.

So push yourself to be the best that you can be and work hard at everything. Keep working hard even if someone else makes you feel like you’re not good.

Until Next Time,


Rusty’s New Year’s

Rusty here,

On New Year’s Eve I went bowling. We had pizza and had a wonderful time bowling with friends and family. I bowled three strikes in a row which is called a turkey.

As we were bowling the lights turned off. A strobe light turned on and also purple lights that made your shirt light up.

This was my first time going bowling on New Year’s, we normally go to our cabin and hangout with family and play cards and board games.

It was a very fun way to spend New Year’s Eve.

Until Next Time,


new years eve anniversary firework celebration party fireworks pink

Rusty’s Christmas

Rusty here,

Christmas is a happy time of the year. Spending time with family and getting presents that we have wanted for months. I go to my Grandma’s house on Christmas morning and I go to my other Grandma’s in the evening.

In the morning, we open are stockings and the presents under the tree and then we eat brunch. My favorite gifts this year were blankets they are so very soft.

In the evening, we eat an early dinner with the entire family.  Afterwards we play games and talk. We have a giant Santa bag with presents.  Each person gets a present.  When the gifts have been passed out, we play a gift exchange game.  We sit in a circle and use two pans that go around the circle in different directions.  The pans can only go five times then you get the gift that you ended up with.  That’s when the exchange begins. After that we open our presents under the tree.

I can’t wait for next Christmas.

Until Next Time,