Rusty’s Junior Year

Rusty here,

I have officially completed my first week as a Junior in high school. It feels like I never even left. I did so many amazing things and made a couple new friends.

 The first day was a little crazy. We have six foreign exchange students this year. It’s very interesting talking to them and getting to know more about them. They all have really cool accents.

 This week I went on many adventures. On Friday night, my friends and I went to cheer on the boys at football team. They can off the field with smiles on their face with a big win. Saturday was also a fun day. My friends and I went to the movie called, IT. It was so packed in the theater we had to sit in the front row. The movie was very good, I thought it was more funny than scary. After the movie, we went to Mc Donald’s and we talked and a couple of us played in the play place. I’d say the first week of my Junior year has been more than amazing. I’m glad that I have such good friends to make new memories with all the time.

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