Rusty’s Coronation



Rusty Here,

Oh boy, this last week has been busy!  It’s homecoming time at our school.  We’ve been setting up for coronation and painting the props for it.


We also ordered our Ironman and Powder Puff t-shirts. Juniors will be facing the Seniors this Wednesday. It’s going to be a fun night for all of us.


Planning for homecoming was a little stressful. I got to help pick the dress up days.  Tuesday is Hawaiian Day, Wednesday is Hippie Day, and Thursday is American Day (Wear the red, white & blue colors!)  Last week was busy and it will be even busier this week.


We got Dig Pink night for volleyball to raise awareness for breast cancer. We also have a swim meet and the big football game on Friday.  The homecoming dance will follow. Congrats to our King and Queen!

Maybe one day I’ll be elected homecoming king!



Until Next Time,



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