Rusty’s Trick or Treating Adventures

Rusty Here,

Halloween is over, and now I am excited for thanksgiving! Halloween night I was flying around getting ready to go out with some friends. I flew from store to store getting the last couple things I needed for my costume.

It was a cold night and Silver and Copper were breathing out fire as we flew. I suppose I was too! We flew from house to house getting our buckets full of candy. I’d say throughout the night we ate more candy then we should have. Copper was feeling a little ill by the end of the night. Next year we agreed that we wouldn’t eat so much candy so fast.

Silver dressed up as Elsa. Elsa is her favorite Disney Princess. When the movie frozen first came out, Silver watched it every night before she went to bed. Copper dressed up as the joker. His favorite movie is Suicide Squad. I dressed up as Dead Shot. My favorite character in the movie Suicide Squad is Dead Shot.

Trick or Treating with my friends was the best! I haven’t had this much friend flying around in a long time!

Until Next Time,


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