Rusty’s Haunted House

Rusty Here,

          Are you ready for trick or treating? Halloween is just around the corner. This weekend I had fun with a group of my friends. We love going to haunted houses and haunted trails. We went to a place called, “The Dead-End Hayride”. This is something we have been doing for the past three years.

          Normally after going to the Dead-End Hayride we go to McDonalds. This year we went and ate first because it was raining, and the Hayride didn’t open until the rain stopped. We waited in line to get on the hayride for about two hours. One of the best parts about going is standing in line waiting. You get scared by a couple different actors that are dressed up, but you also get to take pictures with them. My favorite actor is there every year I call him the chainsaw man.

          We finally got in the hayride and we were on our way. The actors could touch us and get in our faces. They were jumping on the hayride and scaring us. The hayride part was about ten minutes long. You get off at the first haunted house. There’s about five haunted houses, three scary trails, a clown house, an underground skull trail, and a chainsaw maze.

          I’m not a fan of chainsaws. These chainsaws don’t have blades on them, but they still touch you and it’s a weird feeling. When I was coming out of the clown house there was a chainsaw man that scared me. I screamed as loud as a dragon can scream. He knew I was scared so he started chasing me into the chainsaw maze. He chased me around the maze. I got split up from my friends. I was frightened!  The guy who was chasing me finally lead me out of the maze.  Thank you, great Dragon!!

Before we left we took some group pictures. It was a very fun night!

Until Next time, Rusty

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