Helping a Damsel In Distress Is Just All In a Day’s Work!

Snow_Car_StuckRusty here, well today is President’s day, too bad it’s not sunny and warm out. Instead it is really windy and the snow just doesn’t stop coming. Since it’s so bad out I decided to take a lazy day and stay home. I was going about my own business and this car came up the driveway. To visit ME of course and she stopped right in front of me. Then she put it into reverse and it just wouldn’t budge. I then knew she had to have been stuck. So then she kept trying to go back and forth, trying to wiggle it out, it just wasn’t working, Snow was flying everywhere and I couldn’t see a thing, Then finally I felt so bad for the poor girl that I hooked my tail up to the bumper and flew her out of there. When we landed she couldn’t thank me enough. I just told her it’s all in a day’s work. I just love being friendly and helping people out. Well until next time, Rusty!

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