Thanksgiving Traditions

thanksRusty here,

Now that Halloween is over, I’ve started preparing myself for thanksgiving. I can’t wait; I would have to say the best part is all the food. For thanksgiving all the dragons have a special tradition. We go to an island in the middle of nowhere. Not a single person knows where this island is except dragons, it has been our secret for ages. My whole family goes every year. On this island there are big turkeys, and I’m talking BIG! These turkeys could only feed a dragons appetite. Once we get a turkey, Mom spices the turkey up with some arsenic to give it that extra little pizazz! Once she’s got the Turkey all spiced up, we roast it with our flames. Mom also makes lots of other side dishes like sardine casserole, and ghost chili pepper soup. After the meal is over we have fire spitting contests. Last year uncle Stormbreath beat me by 2 feet, I was so angry I could have bit his tail off. I can’t wait for this year’s contest; I’m going to smoke him!

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