Write a Friend Month

Rusty Here,

Dear Silver and Copper,

Boy, has it been awhile sense I have talked to you guys!  Did you know that December is Write a Friend Month? When I read this, I couldn’t help but write a letter to my best dragon friends.

This year has gone by fast and we didn’t have as many adventures as we would have liked.  But we are best friends and the memories we’ve made will be cherished forever.

Remember flying around at the sculpture park taking funny pictures?  And flying to Valley fair and the Water Park last summer was a blast!  I also loved it when we flew around town singing and dancing like no one was watching.

I hope school is going great for you!  Can you believe we’re almost half way through the year?  I miss you!

I am going to fly up to Arctic over Christmas break and see you.  There’s nothing better than making Christmas cookies with my besties.

Until Next Time,


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