World Kindness Day

Rusty here,

Brrrr!  It is getting awfully cold outside, it even snowed a little bit at home!  Not enough snow to make a sweet snow dragon, but it sure was pretty!  I hope you all enjoyed trick or treating Halloween night.  Copper, Silver, and I dressed up as the three little pigs and we ate so much candy that night, I could barely fly home!  Now that October has passed, it’s time to decorate for Christmas right!  I kind of like to jump the gun even though everyone else seems to wait until after Thanksgiving.  I can’t help but jam out to some holiday tunes and put my tree up early. I mean c’mon, what could be better than putting twinkle lights on the tree while listening to all the classics? I am such a softy for the holidays. Aside from Christmas coming up, November 13th is World Kindness day!  That’s something we can celebrate all year long.  Even just a small gesture such as holding the door open for a stranger can show so much kindness and make someone’s entire day!  One time, Copper got a dragon sized head cold so I stopped over to give him my famous chicken noodle soup.  He was very grateful!  There are just so many ways to spread kindness and remember, it costs nothing to be kind to one another!  What are some ways you guys have been kind to others or how have others been kind to you?

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