Winter Fun!

Rusty here,

I hope everyone had a fantastic, productive week!  Since we finally have some snow on the ground, I can’t wait to embrace the cold to enjoy all my favorite winter activities!  Silver, Copper, and I love to get together and have a snowdragon making contest. It’s just like a snowman, but in dragon form. It’s a winter tradition for us and they always turn out great!  Somehow our contest always turns into a snowball throwing battle, which is equally as fun!  We also like to hit the slopes and spend the afternoon skiing.  There are endless fun activities to enjoy during the long winters.  A few more of my favorite outdoor activities include, sledding, ice skating, building a snow fort, and so much more!  Drinking a steaming cup of hot cocoa is the best way to warm up after a chilly time outside.  Indoors, I enjoy making cookies, decorating my dragon lair for the holidays, and listening to Christmas music.  What are some of everyones’ favorite winter activities?; indoor or outdoor, leave your answer in the comments below!  If all the winter fun wasn’t enough to get you excited, tomorrow is National Ugly Sweater Day!  If you don’t have one in your closet already, go get one!  Or you can make one with an old sweater and miscellaneous craft supplies you have at home.  Remember, there is no such thing as a bad ugly sweater, they are all unique in their own way!  Winter can be so much fun, just be sure to bundle up to enjoy the season with your loved ones!

Until Next Time,


P.S. 8 more days until Christmas!

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