Winter Activities!



Rusty here,

Hello everyone, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!  Silver, Copper, and I all went sledding together, we had so much fun!  Sledding with my friends is one of my favorite winter activities.  Snow tubing is another favorite of mine.  It’s basically the same thing as sledding, except you sit or lay in an inflatable tube instead of a sled or toboggan.  Next weekend, we might try to learn to snowboard, I’ve heard it’s kind of tricky but I think with enough practice, I’ll get it down.  As long as you get outside with some friends to enjoy the snow, the long, chilly winters aren’t so bad!  There’s sledding, snowboarding, skiing, building a snow dragon, snowball fight, ice skating, the possibilities are endless!  What are some of everyone’s favorite things to do outside in the winter?  Be sure to bundle up!

Until Next Time,


P.S.  16 more days until Christmas!

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