Rusty’s Thanksgiving

Rusty Here,
This is the time of year families gather and have big meals. My owners, Linda and Elmer came together with their family in Minong Wisconsin. They had the traditional food people eat for Thanksgiving: ham, turkey, potatoes & gravy, squash and two kinds of pies! They had pumpkin and apple slathered in delicious whipped cream. Good food for people, but that wouldn’t do for a dragon.
I flew with them to Minong, to find some tastier morsels. I was tired of the Norwegians and the Swedes who live around here. I wanted more exotic fare – I feasted on a German, a Dane and a Chinese person! Num! Very good.
That food made me me tired, so I took a little nap before flying back home to Ogilvie.
I am thankful for my friends, family, and of course my owners Linda and Elmer.
I am thankful for all you who read my blog and check out my Facebook page. I am also thankful for my bestie, Kalista who works so hard to make me look good all year round.
Until Next Time,

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