Rusty’s Memories


Rusty Here,

Summer flew by and school is already started. Summer is over, and boy was I busy.

What a joy summer was. I traveled to different states and even went to some National Parks. My family and I have created many great memories with our adventures.

The Minnesota State Fair already here.  One of my favorite memories was when, Linda, Liane, Cheyanne, and I attended it.  After walking around for a while, we started to get hungry. Can you guess the first thing we saw that we wanted? If you guessed funnel cake, you’re right.  They were the size of your face! Our reaction was priceless. I think we each ate one.

We enjoyed it, but then we went on the rides.  That was a mistake. If you ever make your way to the State Fair, try a funnel cake they’re delicious, but eat them after the rides, not before.

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