Rusty’s Joke…Gone Wrong

yellow smilie with tongueRusty Here,

I know it’s not April 1st yet, but I just had to play a joke on Copper. I heard of this funny trick, where you put saran-wrap over a door entry, the person that walks into it doesn’t even see it coming. I had it all planned out. Copper was coming over. I had the saran-wrap ready and I was going to put it over my door so he runs into it. A few minutes before he got to my house I quickly put it up. I ran downstairs and I waited for him to come in. The second he got here I would chase him right into my trap. Well it turns out, right as Copper got here; Elmer walked into my room. That was not a good thing! Here he came storming down the stairs. My joke was ruined, and boy was he mad. The next day he sure did get me back though. I came walking through the kitchen and upstairs to my room. When I opened my door, I got a bucket of ice cold water dumped right on my head! I know Linda was not pleased with the mess, but Elmer sure did get me back for my trick. Next time I feel like playing a trick, I should make sure the person intended walks in!

Until next time,



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