Rusty’s Family Weekend



Rusty Here,

I’m back after a fun filled weekend at the sculpture park with my family.

My family and I flew to the Franconia Sculpture Park Sunday. It was so amazing that my mouth dropped open. I think a couple little flames even came out. The weather was very hot, so the first stop was the freezer filled with Freezes; I grabbed a blue raspberry one and went exploring.

It was incredible how creative the artists were in designing the sculptures. There were big ones and small ones. There was a big playground that had swings where two people at a time could swing on one swing. Almost everything in the park was made from metal.

My favorite part of all was the big tree house that was in the woods. I flew up into it and saw a desk, beside it were two beds (one on the floor and the second was made from netting material). It felt like you were laying on a hammock. It was a big tree house that I would love to have.

After leaving the sculpture park we went swimming. It started to rain, but that didn’t stop us from having a good time. We even had a picnic and played on the beach. Overall it was a great day.

Until Next Time,

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