Rusty’s Fair Trip

Rusty here,

Last month I went to the county fair in Mora. I met up with some friends everyday of the fair. There’s many rides and a huge variety of food.

One of my favorite things are the pigs. I love looking at the different sizes and colors of the pigs. My favorite out of all the pigs is the mom with baby piglets. I even got to touch one of them.

My favorite food at the fair is the funnel cakes. They are sweet, and they just melt in your mouth. If you haven’t had a funnel cake I highly recommend it. I flew around with a sugar rush for about ten minutes. The best thing to drink with it is the lemonade. You can’t go to the fair without getting lemonade. It’s fresh squeezed and so delicious.

The last thing that needs to be done when going to the fair is going on the Zipper. It is scary at first, but once you go once you will want to keep going again. That’s how fun the ride is. The Zipper flips you forward and backward you just never know which way your going to flip. The surprise moves are the fun part. The only difficulty to riding the Zipper is fitting my wings into the cart.  I had the duck down low and then squeeze myself right on in.

Now the bad thing is waiting until next year to go to the County Fair.

Until Next Time,


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