Rusty Goes Ice Fishing

Gone Fishing SignRusty here,

Let me first tell you about the Valentine’s Day Dance that was last weekend, before I tell you my fishing story. We had a blast it was so much fun. I even got a kiss on the cheek at the end of the night! It couldn’t have been any better. I can’t wait for next year’s dance. Anyways on to my new story, I went fishing on Ann Lake yesterday. Brrr was it cold outside, but I managed to catch the biggest sunfish I have ever seen! It had to be a foot long and at least a couple pounds (only little exaggeration there). But boy she was a beauty. Living in a small town we don’t really have much to do when its winter time, but I really enjoy ice fishing. It’s so relaxing and it’s fun to just sit out on the lake with friends and talk about girls or whatever. Copper, I, and a few friends went out and we all caught our limit of fish in the first couple of hours, I can’t wait to get home. Tonight we will be eating like kings!

Until next time,


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