Rusty Goes Deer Hunting

Depositphotos_29088657_xsRusty here,

 My friends at school always talk about deer hunting and what kind of deer they always get. I have never gone hunting I haven’t really been a fan of it. This year I decided I would go with Copper. He goes hunting every year; it’s like a holiday to him. He has a nice deer stand and usually always gets a deer. On opening morning he woke me up before the sun was even up! I couldn’t believe how early he goes out. We got into his deer stand. We just sat there and looked around; I really didn’t have the patience for it I guess. I kept moving around and he kept telling me to be quiet. I was very bored and we hadn’t even been out there long! So I just sat there and made funny faces at him. Hunting really wasn’t for me. Hours past and we hadn’t seen anything. At noon we decided to go up to the house because neither of us could feel our toes, it was pretty cold outside. In the house Linda has made us hot coco and it was really good. That night I decided just to stay home because I really didn’t like hunting. Right before it got dark I heard a lot of shooting. So I flew down to the stand and sure enough Copper had got himself a nice buck! Now I’m wishing I had gone with. Next year I’ll know better to be patient, because being patient really pays off.

 Until next time, Rusty





My name is Sarah and I’m the author of this story and this year deer hunting I was lucky enough to get a few deer out of the deer stand that I built by my self.

Thanks to everyone that reads my stories


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