Rusty Gets Sick After Halloween

Halloween PumpkinRusty here,

I went trick-or-treating on Friday night and had a blast. I was dressed up as a ghost and Copper was dressed up as a mummy, we were pretty scary. The best part was when houses didn’t have any candy; Copper and I would play tricks. One time we scared this lady with fake spiders because she didn’t have any candy when all the kids came to her house. Another time we went up in a tree and pretended like we were real.  It was a great night. I got a lot of candy. I think it might have been almost 5 pounds! The next morning I learned my lesson though there were a million candy wrappers in my bed room, and I did not feel good. I ate all my candy when I got home from trick-or-treating. I had the worst stomach ache anyone could think of and it kept getting worse and worse. I drank water and I slept all day but it didn’t seem to get better. I called Copper and he was feeling the same way and I was. We definitely ate way too much candy. When we got to feeling better the next day we swore to each other we would never eat so much candy again. At least until next year!

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