Rusty Finally Gets Some Snow

Depositphotos_18518497_xsRusty Here,

Finally, the snow is falling and the sun is shinning. I hope it snows ten feet today; the weatherman said only a few inches, but I hope he’s wrong! There hasn’t been much snow at all this year. I haven’t gotten to go sledding, snowmobiling, or even build a snow dragon yet. (Take a peek at the website to see some snow dragons) That’s why I hope it snows a lot today. Some people really hate the snow and I don’t really know why. Its fun to play in and it’s pretty. Being in Minnesota it’s a little weird to not have snow during the holiday break, that’s why I’m glad that its snowing now. Instead of playing in the snow Copper and I have been playing hockey and ice skating. It hasn’t been much fun and its getting pretty boring. Copper and Silver already made plans to go sledding tomorrow down the big hill that’s in the park. Linda and Elmer told me to be very careful on that hill and to make sure to dress very warm! I cant wait to go sledding its been a whole year since the last time I’ve went! I hope that the snow keeps-a-fallin!

Until Next Time,


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