Rusty Does Some Spring Cleaning

spring cleaning road sign illustration designRusty here,

Now that it’s spring, all the snow has melted. Since all the snow has melted, there is a big mess to clean up. The ditches need to be cleaned, the lawn needs to be mowed, the fence needs to be fixed, the garage needs to be cleaned, and so many other chores need to be done. Everyone does a little spring cleaning, because all the things they couldn’t do in the winter time, can be done now. First I got all my friends together and we cleaned the ditches by our houses. Boy a lot of garbage accumulates! It took a few days to get all that cleaned up. I think Coppers ditch had to be the worst; we filled five garbage bags full! Next Elmer and I had to fix the lawn mower, the fall before I kind-of set the lawn mower on fire. Long story short, grass got clumped up in the mower and it just started smoking! After we got that fixed, I mowed the lawn. I definitely missed the fresh cut grass smell! Among all the other chores I did around the house mowing the lawn had to be the best one. I love spring and spring means summer is right around the corner!

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