Rusty Celebrates Earth Day

Planet EarthRusty here,

Today I want to talk about one of my favorite holidays, Earth Day! It might not seem like much of a holiday but we should all be thankful for the Earth because without it, we wouldn’t have anywhere to live, unless you wanted to live on Mars or something. My favorite part of the Earth is the sky. It’s my favorite part because I can go flying in the sky whenever I want and the air is always so clean and fresh. Every part of the Earth is great actually. The Earth has everything from waterfalls to canyons, lakes to oceans, mountains to plains, and everything in between! There’s so much to see and do that you can never get bored here. Today, I went out and planted some trees. I think we should all do something for the Earth to show that we appreciate it. So in the future, try planting some trees. Maybe you could ride a bike instead of riding in a car? What is your favorite thing about the Earth? What do you guys think we could do to help make the Earth a better place? Let me know what you think because I want to start making the Earth healthier as soon as possible!

Until next time, Rusty

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