Rusty Can’t Wait for Summer Time

Minnesota Green Road SignRusty here,

Even being in Minnesota it almost feels like spring outside. Even though it’s not even February! My classmates were being funny today after school and had their sun-roofs open and their windows down; and most of them were in t-shirts.  It’s only 40 degrees outside! Being a Minnesotan though; that’s pretty normal. Compared to -20 degree weather, it’s pretty warm outside. I’m sure if it was 40 degrees in Florida they would have on their winter jackets and lots of warm clothes. Everybody is ready for winter to be over, it has been pretty long and boring. This year we didn’t have very much snow so there wasn’t much to do. Copper and I were in study hall today daydreaming about how nice it was last summer sitting in the pool with all of our friends and not having to trip over big sneakers at school. (Dragon feet are pretty big) We already have plans for which lakes we are going to go boating on and what we are going to do for the 4th of July. I think we are getting a little ahead of ourselves though. Summer is 5 months away! We better stop while we are ahead and  try to enjoy the rest of the winter!

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