Oh Christmas Tree!

Rusty here,

I hope you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving, I know I did!  Did anyone here go Black Friday shopping?  I heard the deals were insane!  I opted not to go this year, the stores get pretty crazy already, no reason to add a fire breathing dragon into the mix.  I like to just wait for Cyber Monday anyway to get my holiday shopping done.  Then it just gets shipped right to my dragon lair, how convenient!  Can you guys believe December is here already?  Time really flies when you’re having fun!  Now is the perfect time to get to your favorite tree farm to get a Christmas tree.  I personally like real tree the best because they smell AMAZING, but man are they messy!  I’ve seen some wonderful artificial trees too.  My best friend Silver said they make this spray now that you can spritz all over your tree, real or artificial, to make it smell like a fresh cut pine!  I think I might try that out this year actually, to avoid the mess.  What kind of tree do you prefer?  Real or artificial?  Tall or short?  Full or thin?

Until Next Time,



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