National Nut Day!

national nut day

Rusty Here,

October 22 is National Nut Day!

I love this time of year, watching the squirrels gathering and storing their nuts for the winter. As I fly around, I can see how busy they are working hard to amass enough food to survive the long winter. They seem to enjoy their activity knowing they’ll have delicious nuts to eat when winter settles in.

I like to be a healthy dragon and when it comes to nuts there are three that are the best for me. Pistachios are my favorite. They may be a funny color, but boy do they taste good! Almonds are good too. I like to snack on them before I go to bed. The last nut that I really like is cashews.  To me, they taste as yummy as chocolate. I keep telling myself, just one more. Just one more.

Why don’t you try pistachios, almonds and cashews? They taste delicious AND they’re healthy snacks.

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