National Cheer Up the Lonely Day!

Rusty here,

Hello Everyone!  I hope everyone enjoyed their Fourth of July!   I got together with my closest friends, Copper and Silver to celebrate the day.  We started off by swimming in the lake to beat the heat, then we cooled off with some bomb-pop popsicles, and to finish the night, we set off massive fireworks that lit up the night sky.  They were even brighter than my fire breath, crazy right!?  How do you guys celebrate the Fourth of July?  Saturday, July 11th, is National Cheer Up the Lonely Day.  In these times, I think everyone can get pretty lonely and down in the dumps.  I know I did when I couldn’t see my friends during quarantine! I encourage everyone reading this to reach out to someone you haven’t seen or talked to you in a while and just say hello, or ask them how they are doing!  It could really brighten their day, maybe even their week!

I hope everyone stays safe and has a great weekend!

Until Next Time,


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