Mickey’s Birthday & National Play Monopoly Day

Rusty here,

If any of you are huge Disney fans like me, then maybe you already know, it’s Mickey Mouse’s birthday today! The Disney icon first made his debut in 1928 starring in “Steamboat Willie.” 91 years ago, he was the mouse that started it all.  Just imagine the party his friends are throwing for him today, I bet it’s one for the ages!  In the spirit of his birthday, I am going to celebrate him by watching some of favorite Disney movies, such as Pete’s Dragon, Maleficent, and Coco. Happy Birthday Mickey!  The fun doesn’t end there, tomorrow, November 19th, is National Play Monopoly Day!  I know, I know, you might be thinking that game takes FOREVER to finish, but it can be a lot of fun!  Just gather your friends and family, a bunch of snacks, and enjoy!  There are so many different types of monopoly board games.  Some that I’ve never even heard of, include, Chocolate-opoly, Fornite-opoly, they even make a Bacon-opoly!  I think I’ll have to buy that one of those on Amazon quick so I can play that one with Copper and Silver tomorrow!  Mmmm, now I really crave bacon, I better go make some. I hope you are all enjoying your night!

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