Happy Thanksgiving!

Rusty here,

Gobble Gobble! Can you believe it, the time has come, it’ Thanksgiving!  The one day a year I can stuff my dragon belly full with all things food and not feel totally guilty about it.  I may not be able to walk or fly later tonight but all i can think about is the insane amount of mashed potatoes and turkey I’m going to consume at dinner.   Not to mention the green bean casserole, turkey stuffing, dinner rolls, and you can’t forget the pumpkin pie.  What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving dishes to eat? Thanksgiving isn’t just about a table full of delicious food, it’s about gathering with your friends and family to remember how thankful we all are for each other.  I hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving day spend with loved ones eating mounds of food!  Give Thanks!

Until Next Time,


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