First Summer Adventures

Rusty Here,

It’s the middle of June and I have had many adventures.  I love summer and the warm cozy feeling of sitting out on the deck watching flowers bloom and watching birds sitting on the bird feeders eating.

The first week of summer when school got out I had a water fight with my family. We filled up dozens of water balloons and hid behind trees or up in the branches.  I even flew up onto the roof and sneak-attacked all of them. They were surprised by that one.

Copper surprised us all.  He discovered a baby raven.  The tiny bird was abandoned and hungry.  We tried to feed him a worm, but he wouldn’t eat it. He sat right on the table and watched us play cards.  Copper took the baby raven under his wing and went home with him to see if he could get it to eat.

The next day Silver saw a baby deer.  We knew it was young because it still had spots.  He sent me a picture of him holding it.  It was such an adventure-filled day with animals.

Until Next Time,


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