Back To School: COVID-19 Edition

Rusty Here,

Hello everyone!  I know I’m a bit late to the game, but welcome back to school!  COVID-19 has affected many things in our world today but now that it time to go back to school, it is making its mark on kids’ education.  I have heard many things while out and flying about, such as kids struggling from strictly online learning, or kids that are back in their school building part time but must wear a mask full time.  I’m sure either one has its own challenges because it is SO different from what we are all use to.  If someone told me that one day I’d be living during a world wide pandemic where masks are required everywhere outside of your home, I would have thought they were crazy!!  However, this is our reality for now, and I hope you guys join me in staying positive and making the most of everyday!  I’ve always been told, do not be afraid of change, although you will face challenges, almost daily, we can only learn and grow from it!  My parents instilled that in me when I was a young dragon so I just had to share that with you guys!  Masks or no masks, in school or at home, how is everyone doing with the change?  Are you excited to be back to school?  Or are you concerned about being back?  Kids or Parents, let me know in the comments box below!!  I’d love to hear your feedback!

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week, and remember we are all in this together!  You got this!

Until Next Time,


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